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Whether playing amateur spy or making strides in education, a pen camera can make quite a handy tool. Some may consider this device to be nothing more than a toy; however pen cameras are legitimate recording devices, rivaling some of the best technology on the market. Available in a variety of sizes, prices, and pixel capacities, this is a gadget that can entertain and serve a purpose.

The current infatuation with compactness and convenience could be just the thing to drive the popularity of this product through the proverbial roof.

Use and Compatibility of the Pen Camera

Aside from their obvious discreetness, pen cameras are also remarkably easy to operate. Gadgets that are created for niche markets are notoriously difficult to make compatible with standard electronic devices, however the camera pen has carefully avoided such a pitfall.

They are usually compatible with all major operating systems, producing video in the AVI format, and are easily attached to most hard drives through the use of a USB cable.

It is worth noting, however, that some models do not work at all or as well with a Mac, and this is not reserved solely for the more basic versions. The key here is to always ascertain a product’s specifications before making a purchase, advice which can be applied to any electronic device.

Where Can You Buy a Pen Camera?

Because camera pens are often relegated to the realms of mystery, or alternately small scale spy games, it is easy to believe that they are difficult to find. On the contrary, however, these devices are easily spotted at most major retailers, from Target to Walmart to Radio Shack.

Places to Buy a Pen Camera

They are also readily available from various vendors on the web. Personally, I like to use Amazon. Purchasing from a specialized retailer with hopes of acquiring a higher quality product is entirely unnecessary, as all stores carry several models, offering a good representation of the pen camera market. That said, however, it is interesting to note that although they are widely available, pen cameras are not frequently advertised or even mentioned much, therefore this is a specialty creation that is often lost to obscure sections of the electronics aisle.

A Camera Pen’s Variety of Use

Can you tell if this is a pen camera or just a regular pen?There are numerous potential uses for this compact recorder.

Perhaps equally important as its discreetness, is the size of a pen camera. Few recording devices can boast such neat and slim presentation; even the smallest of the standard recorders is often big enough to be comfortably displaced by two camera pens.

Additionally, the ability to so easily record high quality video with sound is usually reserved for higher end camcorders, yet here it is presented in a neat little package, priced comparably to a cheap, off-brand mp3 player. While it is still being marketed almost solely to the “spy” aficionados, a pen camera can also be an invaluable tool for those that frequently attend large meetings or lectures. The quality of the sound on this little note taker can often mean picking up information that might otherwise have been missed.

It can also be used as a vital study tool for high school or university students.

Several camera pen manufacturers make a point of mentioning that recording without permission is punishable by law, and this should certainly be taken into consideration whatever the intended use, however for every negative use, there is at least one important positive.

How Much Does a Pen Camera Cost?

Pen Cams can vary in price, depending on the features that you decide you need or want. To get a better idea, read the article “How Much Does a Pen Camera Cost” or read about specific camera pens.

A Few More Things to “Note”

As technology continues to advance, devices such as the pen camera, which were once considered controversial or at least a distant futuristic imagining, become more and more a part of our daily vernacular and practice. This has continuously been the case, especially in the last few decades, but it is especially noticeable with this particular product.

What sets these tiny devices apart is the high quality with which most models are endowed. Of course, one gets what he pays for, but even the most affordable pen cameras have high customer reviews, which implies that this is a good investment at all price levels. This type of trend is common in items which are not widely distributed, however it is a good indicator of what technology could be if given the opportunity to avoid greed and corruption. Clearly it is possible to make high quality products at an affordable cost, something that many manufacturers and even consumers seem to have forgotten in recent years. The pen camera may just be showing the way of the future.

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