How Much Does a Pen Camera Cost?

Exactly how much does a pen camera cost? Well, it depends on the models and features. Get an idea of how much it will cost you here.

two bills represent the idea of how much a pen camera costAlthough the market for a pen camera is still fairly small, there is a wide variety when it comes to pen camera cost and quality.

On the Low End

The most basic option, the Swann Ballpoint Pencam, is only $40, which makes it a highly affordable recording selection. As with most electronics, there are some serious pros and cons to consider. While the Swann has a long lasting battery life and a charging time that is only an hour and a half, the recording space available is only 2GB which equals roughly one hour of video.

You Can Also Run Into A High Pen Camera Cost

On the other hand, a more expensive model can have either 4GB or 8GB of memory, but a far less impressive battery life. Others, with higher price points, go up to as high as 16 GB and exceptional video quality. A higher quality pen camera can cost anywhere from $100 to $250, which indicates a significant price difference. Of course, space is not the only factor when purchasing a device of this caliber; consideration must also be given to the quality of the video and audio components.

A Final Look at the Pen Camera Cost

Predictably, the cheaper Swann model provides very basic features, while the more expensive cameras can come equipped with the option to record in high definition or even in color.

Ultimately, the decision to spend more or less money on the pen camera cost comes down to what use the pen camera will be serving; if this is simply a tool to record the basics of meetings or lectures a cheaper model will serve its purpose, however more high tech operations or perhaps actual spying missions, may be worth the extra money. If you’d like more specific pricing information, check out the individual pen cameras.

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